The ABC’s of Window Fashion
Are your windows “naked” or in need of an update? Maybe you have been avoiding window treatments because you don’t know how to get started and are overwhelmed by all of the choices. First things first, you have to know your ultimate goal. There are some features and functions to consider when choosing the right treatments

Are you looking for privacy? Most blinds and shades will give you privacy. Both horizontal and vertical blinds will allow you to adjust the sunlight and give you privacy at the same time. Shades with a high opacity will also do the trick.

Do you need light control? To completely block out the sun you can choose an opaque, or blackout, shade. Blackout cellular shades work great for blocking out light or consider a sheer to opaque fabric shade from the large library of wide width fabrics(up to 96″ wide with no vertical seems!) and add a layer of drapery for more elegance.