Did you know that most potential buyers have made a decision on a home within minutes of seeing it? In today’s present real estate market, most buyers initially see a house on the Internet. That makes it very important that your home’s appearance is appealing in order to draw the most prospective buyers. Now a-days when you place your home on the real estate market, it’s best if it is in tip-top condition and appeals to a mass market of people.

I educate and work with clients, including realtors, assisting them in readying their homes so they will not sit on the market but sell quickly. I also explain to clients that when selling their home, it is no longer about them and that the way “we live in our homes” is not the same way that “we sell our homes”.

The process of staging consists of editing, editing, editing, choosing neutral paint colors, updating light fixtures, faucet fixtures, flooring, or any other materials that are making the house look dated. For the most part, potential buyers no longer wish to buy a house in an “As Is” condition. They do not want the burden of expense or time needed to update or remodel rooms that the seller is not willing to do.

Staging  also includes choosing the right furniture pieces, artwork and accessories to show off a home’s best architectural details. In some cases this mandates renting or acquiring furniture, artwork and accessories that may be needed. The clients may not have furniture or their furniture may need to be updated so their house will show well for the real estate market. Keep in mind that a house that is “staged”, is not “decorated”. Instead, it is marketed in order that potential buyers can give their attention to the architectural character of the home.

Your house will sell faster when it has been staged and priced at the best market value.
A National Association of Realtors survey found that the longer a home stays on the market, the lower the final sale price will be reduced. Your house will get the most interest when it is first listed on the real estate market because that is when it is the most “fresh”.

Current home staging statistics claim that home staging decreases a home’s time on the market by a staggering 78%!
Home staging gets a 586% return on investment and 82% of realtors recommend it.

Stage your house before the “For Sale” sign is placed in your yard.
Do not wait several weeks or months until your house has not sold before you consider having your house staged! You will not be able to invite prospective buyers to come back to see your house a second time.

Staging helps prospective buyers see how furniture will fit into a room and gives them a feel for the scale of a space.  You may believe that it is better to show a house empty because the rooms will look larger. Actually, the opposite is true, the rooms will look smaller without furniture in them. Most people have difficulty envisioning where to place furniture in a room. When we stage a living room with furniture pieces such as a sofa and a few chairs, it allows buyers to imagine the possibilities for placement of their own furniture as well.

Only 10% of potential buyers can visualize the possibilities of a home. You do not want the advantages and best attributes of your home overlooked. It is critical to hire a professional home stager who will help expose and feature the highlights of your home and help guarantee that perspective buyers will “fall in love with your home”.