Sarah had shared with me a few pictures of what was called a sophisticated classic style that she loved. I had also told her about where a person can pull pictures of styles they love and save into a file. This also helped me to identify her style. Even though, we were just “staging” she wanted to purchase a few new items and this helped me with helping her make those selections. Notice she did purchase a new sofa for her living room. This was a piece that she loved when I showed it to her. She also decided to purchase the new ottoman/coffee table. These furniture pieces helped update her space for showing and were wonderful items that she will use in her next home.

Before Staging

Living Room/ After


Before Staging

















Notice too how much more spacious her dining room is without the china cabinet. When selling, it’s all about square footage and showing off the spaciousness of a home. This is also true with accessorizing. It’s best to not overdo.



Dining/ After









Here in the bathroom, her counter space allowed for us to include a lamp, which adds another level of unexpected light to this space.








The bedroom kept the previous layout that we had come to a few years back. However,  it was severely edited to show off her spacious master. We purchased a new headboard, bedding and bedside lamps. We fluffed up the little window seat with comfy pillows to emphasize its presence in the room whereas previously it was hardly noticed.

Master Bedroom

Bedroom/ Staged









Window Seat


















Kitchen II / After









The kitchen had its original counter top and flooring. One of those areas that when you first move in, you look forward to changing sometime. Often those times don’t come till we are moving and know we must do a bit of updating to get the home sell-able. By choosing a beautiful laminate counter and a laminate floor, it kept things manageable for the homeowners. (Please excuse the before picture below as it is in the process of getting ready for the new flooring, countertops, sink/faucet , dishwasher and drapery.)

Kitchen / Before

Kitchen / After


















Lower Level / Staged