Are we just dreaming that we are experiencing summer or it possibly here?  Today is the most lovely of all.  The temperature is near 80 and magnificent for enjoying a porch, deck or patio area (especially since traveling is now so expensive!) I smell fresh mowed grass and neighborhood barbecues.  I not only hear the sounds of nature, but children playing, neighbors visiting and hammer pounding and of course you noticed…. “Road Construction” signs.

It must be summer!

Design Tips: Take Advantage of Extra Square Footage (Make your home feel like a vacation!)

1.     Consider painting your porch a color from the inside of your home and use the outside color as an accent color or in this case, the light blue also went on the ceiling.  (Blue ceilings feel like sky and heighten the feeling of a room)

2.     Choose a few architecturally interesting plants to add drama.

3.     Adding dummy panels of fabric plus a few pieces of furniture and accessories will not only make you feel as though you have added square footage,but also you’ve created a special place you really want to enjoy!

Question: I don’t have a porch or deck.  Any ideas for a backyard?

Answer:  Yes, Consider a screen tent, gazebo or a roll up awning on your house.  Another idea would be to clean out your garage or part of it and use it and your driveway (if possible) as a patio area for summer entertaining.  Maybe a fire pit in your backyard is all you need.  There are beautiful ones that can be purchased if you don’t have the time or creativity to build one.  Just make sure you have ample space around it to avoid any fires.