Refresh and Renew

Isn’t Spring wonderful? It’s great to have moments of opening the windows again and feeling that fresh air and not wearing heavy coats to take a walk. It’s so refreshing seeing all the snow melt and the grass turning green. Okay, so I did hear we may have a bit of snow at the end of the week and of course it can’t last long now. However, we can use the days that aren’t quite as nice to do some spring cleaning

As a designer who does a lot of custom work for clients, spring cleaning tips can take on quite a different feel.  Just how do you clean a pair of draperies that hang from ceiling to floor in a double story room?  Following are some helpful tips for your special spring cleaning.


Custom Window Treatments

As you might have guessed, never for any reason should you take down your custom window treatments and run them through a washing machine or even take them to a dry cleaner.  These type of window treatments are not intended to be taken down and manipulated in any way.  The good news – many fabrics that are used for window treatments have a special finish that resist any type of soiling.  And it is not as though these treatments are being handled or walked on – typically they are just doing their job, dressing your windows and accenting your surroundings.

There are three things you can do if you are feeling the need to freshen up your window treatments.  1.  Febreeze is a wonderful product that really does remove lingering odors in fabric, and can make a world of difference if you feel that any scent has been trapped in your fabrics.  2.  You can use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment with low suction to run lightly over your treatments to remove any surface soil. 3.  Contact a local interior designer to have a professional window drapery and blind cleaner out to your home to do an in-home cleaning using static-electricity technology.

Spring Cleaning Part II coming soon.

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