Consider –or Don’t! Eye Level. What is eye level?  For someone who is 5’ 5” or someone who is 6’ 5”?  You can guarantee the eye level in my home is seldom the same for a client I am working with.  Rather than eye level, consider the wall and its surroundings.  If you have a spot in the living room that is always used for reading, consider placing a picture where you can easily see it while relaxing with a good book.

Relate.  When working with a group of pictures, try to relate them in some manner.  All black and whites, or all color photos.  All framed in the same size and style frame, regardless of the size of the picture.  Or all framed in the same color frame.  This relation will help unify the group.

Hanging One Piece. When hanging one piece of art on a wall all on its own, it is important to think of the wall in terms of proportions.  Divide the wall into thirds or fifths.  Then, pick one of those lines on which to center the piece of art.

To give an important piece the right impact, be sure to use negative space.  Make sure that there is enough blank space around the artwork so your eyes can focus on the piece.  Also be sure to light the piece properly.

Weather getting your home ready for sale or just enjoying your surroundings, every piece in your home carries a lot of impact.  Hanging your artwork just right will help differentiate your home from the other homes on the market and really making your home stand out or help you to appreciate your own surroundings even more. And if you are not sure where to start – call me, I can help!

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