Jay Cook State Park

“The name — of it –is “Autumn” — The hue — of — is Blood — An Artery — upon the Hill — A Vein — along the Road —              Great Globules — in the Alleys — And Oh, The Shower of Stain — When Winds — upset the Basin — And spill the Scarlet Rain —               It sprinkles Bonnets — far below– It gathers ruddy Pools — Then — eddies like a Rose — away — Upon Vermillion Wheels–

The name –of it — is “Autumn”  by Emily Dickinson

Welcome to our October Newsletter

My husband Don and I spent three days this last beautiful week on or near the north shore.(perfect weather!)There are just so many pretty places to visit up there, I never tire of visiting that area. Oh, we also visited Amniston State Park in Wisconsin just east of Superior and then to Bayfield where I purchased a bushel of apples.(we got there just prior to their Apple Fesitival! The picture above is Don enjoying the view at Jay Cook on our way home.

I can’t help but be inspired by color this time year. I love the many shades of green mixed with the golds oranges and reds, and then there are the purples, browns and wheat colors. What inspires you? There are some ideas below to help you not be so shy….start dipping your toe!

BEFORE - Dining/Sitting Room

AFTER - Dining/ Sitting Room

“The thing I enjoyed most about working with Debbie was her ability to listen to my ideas and use them in building the design. She did so in a way that brought out the things we love in life and made the room very attractive yet durable. I really felt when our room was complete that each of the things brought up that were important to us were incorporated into the design. The results are outstanding.”
Sue B. / Accountant & Receptionist

We have a new company with some great art on canvas pieces. They have several frames to choose from, hand applied texture embellishments,multiple sizes
and reasonable prices.
This piece below is by Scott Clifton.

Art by Scott Clifton

Utilizing Color Feel things out. Color can definitely affect our moods. Color can even help us feel cozier in a cold northern climate. If you are shy of color, no need to go from none to all out.  Start by dipping a toe in and see what works…..read more..


Question:What paint finish do you recommend for walls?

Answer:  That is a very good question. Below is a guide for what is most widely recommended for finishes and then my own suggestion:….http://debbierileyinteriors.com/?p=1109