Day at Como Park

“I stand amid the roar ..Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold with my hand..Grains of the golden sand–How few! yet how they creep ..Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep–while I weep!  O God! can I not grasp ..Them with a tighter clasp?  O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave?  Is all that we see or seem… But a dream within a dream?”

Excerpt from “A Dream within a Dream” by Edgar Allen Poe

Welcome to our July’s newsletter

Although, a bit dramatic…the way the days are slipping by I feel like Mr. Poe’s excerpt above. Somehow, I wish I could just hold on tighter to the summer and not lose grasp of it! Above is a fun day at the part with my grandkids..eating snow cones.
However, it’s also not a bad time to begin thinking about getting our homes ready for fall. Planning our homes to be comfortable & enjoyable not only for us but for sharing with family and friends can take time. Allow us to do the planning and even the shopping for you; by fall your home will be reflecting your own personal taste and ready to receive your guests with pleasure.

We have a few design tips this month for finding inspiration plus a question and answer for you to check out below.

Christmas in July


Attractive Goppastone & Goppamarble fireplace mantels are imported from England & available from local vendor. Now offering these high quality beauties with many styles at incredible prices.

Remember with electric fireplaces you can create an inviting atmosphere by only using flame effects and keeping heat off in summer months.
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Question & Answer …..Three Basic Design Elements

Question: I have some great pictures from magazines to inspire me, but where do I go now?

Answer: There are a few basic elements for achieving a good design for your interior. All of these play an important role in how your space will be perceived and used.

Color…this will have a huge influence on your room’s look and feel; whether you are trying to sense exciting, restful, airy or cozy. This is a very powerful element to help you reach your interior space design goals.

Lighting …using effective lighting will make your room not only function better, but much more enjoyable. Incorporating the three layers of lighting into your room will do the trick….ambient, task and accent.

Furniture Arrangement…this is another important interior planning consideration. The key here is to create focused social groupings that also allow for proper movement.


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