Real Estate Styling Consultation

Starting with a consultation, we walk you from the curb through your home and discuss what is needed to make your home buyer-friendly. By the end of this consultation, you will have a list of things that will be your decision to take care of. We will follow-up with a highlight of items that will make the most difference for your sale. While in your home, if you are ready, we will make an appointment to return to begin the design transformation of your home.

Real Estate Styling

Designing your home to sell will help present your home at it’s “best”.  It will
advertise it’s best features.  It will help buyers see themselves living in your home.
This transformation will entice both Realtor and prospective buyers. Most people
begin their search on the internet.  Showing pictures of your home “staged” will make
a huge difference in attracting serious buyers.

National surveys have discovered that staged homes sell in half the time and can add up to 10% to the value of the selling price.

If you have to lower the price of your home even once, you easily could have paid
to have it staged!

If your home has been sitting on the market, having it staged or redesigned to sell
is still your best option and has many times made the difference.

It is a small investment with potentially huge returns!