Q. Any ideas for a centerpiece (instead of flowers) for my holiday table?

A. Yes it’s fun to do different things or say favorite things for a center piece. Consider laying an inexpensive narrow mirror or mirrors down the center of the table (if it’s a long table, perhaps a narrow full length mirror will work or individual small rounds or squares even randomly) and now add artificial snow and small village pieces or a few of your favorite holiday collection items; maybe it’s a few unique ornaments that you would like to highlight.They could even sit in candle holders for interest (use a little putty to hold them steady.) Instead of a mirror, use a wide width of ribbon as a table runner and another consideration the old stand by; pine boughs and pine cones down the center. You can now add votive or other candle lite. If there are children that you are concerned about with the candles or just the fire hazard, use the battery operated variety. When using mirrors, the sparkle of the candles will double!