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Is It Time to Hire a Professional?

As the tax season quickly approaches, and visions of refunds are dancing in your head, now is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on your home.  Maybe last year you had ample space for entertaining, but lacked a room to host out of town guests.  Or maybe your home is basically put together, but could really use the finishing touches to make it yours.

Before taking another step, consider hiring a design professional.  Today, there are as many different professional options to help you with your design woes as there are design television shows.  And as you may have noticed, the majority of design shows can be confusing and contradictory, making your design decisions that much more difficult.  This is a perfect time to receive the help of a professional.

There are three main reason to hire a professional. Because there are so many options open to you today, it is easier than ever to find what you need, no matter the size of your home project.

1. Time — You simply don’t have the time. You may have the best plans ever to finish your home.  You have the colors selected, the fabrics and paint chips, even the furniture arrangement.  But between your work day, palates, basketball practice and gymnastics classes, when will you ever get to it?  When you turn your project over to someone else to complete, the experience is entirely liberating.   A professional can lead you through all levels of a project, from inception to installation.

2. Skill — You aren’t comfortable with your skill level and want guidance and affirmation for your decisions.  You have spent time, money, and energy on designing your room, yet it never feels quite right.  Is the sofa in the right place?  Is the wall cover correct?  Do my rooms flow?  A professional can guide you through these issues, saving you time and money, and keeping frustrations to a minimum.

3. Unique – You want something that is very unique and individual, and something that you can’t buy in just any store.  Professionals have access to sources that are not available to the general public.  Often these items cannot even be purchased in stores.  Beautiful things can be found in a multitude of places, and it is the job of the professional to have access to these sources.  When you want your living room to be unique, using a professional to find the perfect piece of fabric or furniture can be invaluable.

Once you decide that a professional is just what you need, start doing your homework.  Begin by asking people you trust about design professionals that they have used in the past; there is nothing better than a referral from a trusted friend who has already done the research.  You can even do a web search which is much better than the yellow pages.

Now that you are ready to make the call, have your questions on hand!  Ask anything from “how do you work with a client” to “may I have a few  references.”  When you hire a professional to work in your home, you are inviting a stranger into your personal life.  Be sure the person you hire is not only a good designer, but someone you feel so comfortable with you won’t mind sharing personal details concerning the way you live in your home.  Now, get your Tax Season off to a great start by doing just that — Get Started!