The Necessities – Be sure the guest room has a wastebasket, an alarm clock, a box of tissues, and a night light. Bathroom time may be at a premium if there are a lot of people to accommodate, a mirror in the room or space where your guests are would give them more flexibility in preparing for their day. Try leaning a full length mirror up against a wall or set out a handheld mirror.

Also, keep plenty of towels and washcloths ready and waiting. Who enjoys going through closets to find an extra towel?

A goody basket of fruit, water bottles, crackers, and breath mints would be a nice added touch for the midnight snacker – or for those who just like to eat every four hours!  And throw in a small bottle of aspirin – your guests won’t have to go through your medicine cabinet.

If your guests aren’t familiar with the area, be sure to have some regional magazines available – even a current magazine or bestseller – really hitting home that this room is a place to relax and get away.  A television with a dvd player is also a nice added bonus – this guest room get away is sounding better and better!

If the room isn’t typically used as a guestroom, add blinds for privacy or for light control for the morning hours.  (Paper blinds can be a quick, cheap temporary fix.)

The Niceties – Consider these extras:

  • Extra toothbrushes and razors in the guest room will surely be used.
  • Pull out all of those hotel samples of shampoo, lotion, and little soaps and leave a basketful in the room.  Just one more thing that your guests won’t have to ask for.
  • Fresh flowers in the room are an extra special touch.
  • If you really feel like going to the max, purchase a couple of terry cloth robes and slippers and leave them for your guests.  These are items people like to have, but don’t like to pack.  Be sure to let your guests know that the items are for them – they may be too polite to use them if you don’t tell them beforehand!
  • Extra telephone in the house?  Put it in the get away room.  Your guests will really appreciate the privacy.
  • And if you are a coffee drinker, you know how grateful you would be to see your own little coffee station, including coffee, mugs, cream and sugar – so your morning can start exactly when you want it to!

Though intended as a get away for your guests, once you have turned a room in your home into this luxury retreat, it may just become the ultimate get away for you!

If you are finding yourself pressed for time or just not sure where to start, give me a call – I’d be happy to help!  Debbie 651-402-5554