Give Your Guests A Get Away (And Maybe You’ll Use It, Too!)

A Home Away from Home for Your Guests

The holidays are here and traveling guests are expected.  Are you ready? Not everyone has a room designated just for guests.  But with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can carve out a space for guests almost anywhere.

The Room – Ideally the room you choose for your guests will have a door for privacy.  This will allow your company to have a place they can call their own.  Consider the office or bonus room, or a bedroom that is currently used by one of your children.  You can group several children into one room to free up bedrooms, and the kids will enjoy the change.  Sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags will be like a big slumber party or a camping trip – and the adults who now have their own room will truly appreciate the courtesy.

If you are using a room without a door-perhaps the formal living room or sunroom-consider hanging a curtain from a tension rod, or using a screen to close off the room. Move out any items – such as your child’s stuffed animal collection – or furniture that won’t add to the comfort of your guests stay.

The Bed – A full or queen size bed is great for single guests or for couples.  If the room you are using doesn’t have a bed, easy to inflate air mattresses will work.  If you have enough space, prepare the bed for company and leave it throughout the visit.  If space is lacking in the guest room, the air mattress can be deflated every morning and put away into a closet.

The Bedding – A welcoming bed is the most important element of your guest room whether you are dressing an actual bed or an air mattress.  Use high quality sheets in 100% cotton with a high thread count.  Try to have comfy pillows available in both down and foam, to accommodate the preferences of any of your guests.  A few extra blankets available at the foot of the bed will keep your guests from having to ask, or from having to search through your closets to find them on their own.