Living Room Before

Living Room Before

Ok, here we are back to square one in this picture; back to the staged home before this client purchased it. I pointed out last month that I thought there was just too much furniture in this room to show well. One more thing that I would like to mention is that it is important to always make sure that when you hang a mirror that it reflects something that you enjoy seeing. In this case the ceiling is the reflection which does the room no benefit.

For a recap (you can skip this  paragraph, if you read the previous one or if you want to take a look scroll down to the previous blog on my web site.)

My client’s desire was to “keep things simple” and reflect the pool color in her living/family room that was right outside the windows of this room. She also enjoys succulents and wanted to include them. I had suggested to her that we also include the beautiful bureau that her husband has from his childhood. It was a terrific piece that would add wonderful warmth to the space. She had purchased a beautiful sofa and ottoman that she loved through me before she had moved. She did however need more seating than it and her two chairs.

(And the previous blog will show the rough draft of a  layout she chose to work from and how we got to here:

In the Process

In the Process


Once the television was installed above the fireplace this opened things up for us:

TV Installed

TV Installed

And quite nice to see the fireplace again! I’m actually not a big fan of tv’s above the fireplace but I know many people do and it does help open a room up to combine them (especially when it happens to be your family room). So this became the home for this one and the client was very pleased when the installation finally took place for her.


I was looking for a piece to add some more of the warmth of wood to put next to the fireplace. It would need to pick up on the colors in the bureau that we would use in the secondary focal point area. This piece below became a huge inspiration for the room as the client really loved this piece (and so did I).  It has such wonderful curves and adds a little flair to the traditional looking fireplace area.




These silver plated candle sticks were also one of her favorite things that she had from their wedding and really wanted to incorporate them into the decor.




Below is a beautiful succulent plant that she received as a gift from a friend and also adored which also gave inspiration to the space.




Here is how they came together near the fireplace area.



Of course some actual logs would look lovely as well stacked in the fireplace when not in use, but I found her succulent plant quite playful!



Upon the mantle in order to keep things clean and simple but to add some color and to continue with this  modern/traditional/chic look, I added just a few items next to the television on each side for balance. A small votive candle holder with a few blue glass stones to reflect water and beautiful tall silver cylinder vase with a few peonies from a great company I use that have very natural looking silk floral.





On the ottoman/coffee table I added a beautiful blue dish under a twig pot holding more succulents. More glass stones were added around the base to reflect a bit more of the pool just outside the windows.









And here is the final reveal of the main focal point.




Next month, I will show you the secondary focal point.

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