This is actually a picture of the living room before this client moved in. I have to honestly say since I’m just about certain that this home was staged and that possibly the previous owner wasn’t willing to have some furniture and pictures removed or it was just a poor staging job in this room. There is just too much large furniture pieces to show this room well. (staging is much different than designing one to live in) Anyway, this is not about staging but showing you the process for creating an enjoyable fresh and simple living space.

This is the home’s living/ family room just off of the kitchen. It has a great open concept living and with a wonderful built in pool in the back yard area. My client’s desire was to “keep things simple” and reflect the pool color in her living/family room that was right outside the windows of this room. She also enjoys succulents and wanted to include them. I had suggested to her that we also include the beautiful bureau that her husband has from his childhood. It was a terrific piece that would add wonderful warmth to the space. She had purchased a beautiful sofa and ottoman that she loved through me before she had moved. She did however need more seating than it and her two chairs.

Of course we started with a layout plan. After showing her a few different options, she chose this one in which she would need only to purchase another sofa and could use her previous new sofa and ottoman.

rough layout

rough layout

And she chose to go with another very similar sofa. Her first one was an off-white and this second one we chose was in a beautiful gray. She particularly loves grays and whites which is a great neutral palette to work with. Now that we had a great plan for the space, we moved forward with her largest purchase which was the sofa.

Once her sofa arrived, we immediately put it in place. However, the plan required her flat screen to be mounted to the wall above her fireplace. For the time being it would be placed blocking the fireplace upon her husbands beautiful bureau in order to hold the television until the next step could take place.

In the Process

In the Process

To be continued………We we show you the completed project so far in the next month’s newsletter.

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