A fireplace will take center stage in any room and will always grab your attention which is why it is so important to help make it that great focus or focal point.

So what about that empty mantel? What does one put up there? …and how do you go about arranging it? Here are some ideas to keep in mind to give your mantle the perfect finishing touches.
Color seems to affect everything in design and it is important to keep it in mind when decorating your mantel too. Because darker colors add “visual weight” and feel heavier,  consider keeping them lower on the mantel to help the room feel anchored. If your mantel is high above eye level, lighter colors will tend to feel more pleasing.
The proportion and scale of the items you place on the mantel is crucial. One must consider the width of the fireplace and the height to the ceiling above. Your display will look most pleasing if the items you choose are proportionate to the space in which you are using them. On a large, wide mantel, one large item is often more appropriate than many smaller ones.
Once you feel that you have the perfect items picked out for the mantel, you need to arrange them so that the mantel feels balanced. There are three options for creating balance: symmetrical displays, asymmetrical arrangements, and radial composition.

• For formal rooms, most people chose a symmetrical display. This arrangement creates perfect and equal balance. This is easily accomplished by Placing one item in the center of the mantel, and flanking it with identical items on each side. This formal arrangement  can also be used to dress up an informal space a bit.

• If you would like to consider a more casual approach, asymmetrical displays are quite popular. This approach can be a bit more difficult to create, but the results are wonderful. These arrangements have good balance, but the sides are not perfect mirror images of each other. The balance is created from “visual weight.” For instance, a small, dark colored item can be balanced by a tall, lighter‐colored item on the opposite side of the mantel…Or a few smaller objects can balance out a large object.

• A radial arrangement which is much less used creates movement and excitement, and is a nice combination of both formal and informal moods. The center item acts as the anchor, and all other items circle out from it in a balanced way. This is visually easy to understand by a dining table and the chairs situated all around it. This can also take place on your mantle, but usually more visually than the actual by using various heights.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel.
So pull out that art and accessories that have been waiting for their time and place and start some excitement right where it counts. And I hope with these simple tips, you can create an eye‐catching display!