How can you find a good realtor?

Start by asking around to friends, neighbors and co-workers. Ask what they liked and didn’t like about working with their realtor.  A good sign is whether they would use the agent’s services again.

Start visiting open houses. Even if you’re not purchasing a particular house, you can meet realtors and get an idea of how they relate with you. The way they relate with you is the way they will relate with possible buyers for your home.  You may not like an aggressive realtor but a laid back one may be just too laid back and does little to talk about the homes features.

View the for sale signs in your neighborhood and notice the names listed on them and which ones sell quickly. I believe it’s best to interview at least 3 realtors. Pay attention to their communication method, manner and nature. Since they will be acting on your behalf, it would be good for you to like all these things. Also make sure the person is licensed and preferably is a realtor full time. It’s important that they show familiarity about loans, appraisals, disclosure laws and title issues.

Just like a house, agents come in diverse forms, as well as agencies. Traditional agents earn a commission and tend to offer full services. Flat fee agents charge a predetermined amount for selling your home regardless of the selling price, but the services are more restricted. You may be liable for holding your own open house and you may pay an extra fee to have your home listed on Multiple Listing Service which is a broad listing of homes that nowadays is a must since people usually start by looking online.

Questions to ask a potential realtor

  • Are you licensed
  • How long have you been an agent? Is this your full-time job?
  • How many homes have you listed in the past year? How many have you sold? What was your average sale price?
  • What’s the average amount of time it takes you to sell a house?
  • Do you have a specialty such as townhomes, starter homes or million dollar homes?
  • Will you provide a comparative market analysis? (This is a common comparison of recently sold houses in a neighborhood, and is something every agent can and should easily make available.

Realize that now that you are ready to sell your home, it is not about you anymore. You must remove your emotions in order to clear away or pack up your sentimental attachments. Your home is now a commodity.

And know that buyers not you, ultimately set the price of your home. That’s why a well-maintained home that looks good is crucial. I’ve heard it said by realtors that a stylish immaculate home is priceless!

Let us help you! Designing your home to sell will present your home at it’s “best”. It will advertise it’s best features. It will help buyers see themselves living in your home. This transformation will entice both realtors and serious prospective buyers.

National surveys have discovered that staged homes sell in half the time and can add up to 10% to the value of the selling price.

If you have to lower the price of your home even once, you easily could have paid
to have it staged!

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