Choose a hardwood floor or a light area rug. Dark just means cozy no matter if it is furniture, paint or flooring. One exception is a hardwood floor; just the echo as you walk across it makes the room feel larger. For a more budget friendly option consider laminate flooring that has a hardwood texture. If you are still sold on carpet, (and there are some great selections), stay away from too dark of tones.

Use open lighting schemes. Lamps in a room reflect on intimacy. When you are trying to make a small space seem larger, use more lighting. Consider different levels of light from overhead (general) to task (floor and table) to ambient (mood) lighting. Letting more light in will open every corner of the room. Keep your curtains and blinds light colored and easily opened as well. During the day let the sun shine in through them to help create a positive, wide open appearance.

Create a path through your room. Bobbing and weaving through furniture and floor lamps says “small.” However you arrange your furniture, create a definite path from one side of the room to the other. You and your family won’t feel cramped and pressed for space. It sure helps if you have to walk through the room in the dark during the middle of the night too. Bye bye bruised shins and stubbed toes.