5 Suggestions to Enlarge Your Small Space

Everyone can’t live in a sprawling mansion. These days it’s more economical to have a smaller space. Just because your home is small doesn’t mean it has to “feel” that way. Here are five suggestions to open up and enlarge any undersized space.

Think big. It’s not easy but it will get you thinking about ways to change and decorate your home when it is not exactly grand in scale. Try a few of these suggestions and see what you think.

Here are the 1st two; look for the next in coming blogs.

Get out your paint rollers. Any decorator can tell you that using deep, dark colors makes a room feel smaller. Using lighter colors or cool colors such as greens and blues can make a room seem larger. (there are also cool shades of many other colors…we can help you with this)

Use smaller pieces of furniture or one large piece. At one time, almost everyone wanted a sectional sofa. While it provides a lot of seating  and can be a great choice in a living room, it also takes up a lot of space. Another choice that allows a fair amount of seating would be a love seat with armchairs. Forget about the overstuffed furniture. A simple sofa works better when you’re working with limited floor space.