Changing the bedding and linens in a guest room can also dramatically change the appearance of a room. Again, you can go from one end of the spectrum to the other, formal and sophisticated to casual and comfortable, just by the choices you make for your bedding.

Lastly, maybe you just need to do a little refreshing and redesigning with the items you already have. Start by removing all of your accessories – knick knacks, table lamps, even the pictures on your wall.  Now consider items from other rooms that you have never considered before.  A side table and lamp from one room moved into the perfect spot in another room could be just what is needed.  And finding new places to position your accessories (don’t forget to check out those items that you have stored away in your attic!) will breath new life into your favorite pieces.

So take the plunge, and make those changes.  And if you still need some help, call me – I’ll know just where to start.