I love my hardwood floors, but when I have family and friends over they are not very quiet. I know an area rug would help but that just isn’t for me. Any other ideas?


If only our homes could actually be the quiet, peaceful sanctuaries that we wish them to be.  In reality, many times there is unwanted noise even from outside traffic and of course, interior activities of all kinds.  To create a quieter environment, you simply need to add more fabric to your home.

Fabric window coverings actually absorb outside noise and cut down on its intensity and the more layers you can use, the better.  Line and interline drapery panels, and you could even add soft top treatments. Also by  Choosing fabric shades over hard blinds will make a difference.

Fabrics at the window also muffle interior noise from appliances, televisions, and loud phone conversations.  Layers of fabric can even absorb echoes and reverberations, just like the clomping of heels on a tile floor or in your case hardwoods.

Use textiles around the room, also, to help further augment the sound dampening effect that you are after.

Here are a few more ideas…you can skip the area rug one if that doesn’t work for you, but it is a great sound barrier!

Add an area rug – even on top of wall-to-wall carpeting.

Hang fabric on walls.  You can use beautiful tapestries, area rugs, or quilts as artwork.  Fabric panels can cover  a whole wall or an entire room of walls for a unique effect that will soak up a lot of that annoying noise.

Add pillows to your upholstered furniture.  The more layers of fabric you add to your room, the quieter it will be and pillows are no exception.

Now go enjoy your newly found peace!