The following are a few extra tips  for creating an eye–catching arrangements from wall art and decor that you, your family and friends will enjoy.  Hanging your wall decor is one of the most  important accessories in interior decorating. Having beautiful pieces of wall art combined with a balanced arrangement will create a dramatic statement and give a finished look to any interior. For our more basic tips check out our Picture Hanging I and II in previous posts.

1.When hanging art on a staircase or a sloped ceiling area, you can create drama by grouping your artwork emphasizing that diagonal line. For example, by positioning the artwork in a diagonal pattern or an inverted triangle you will continue to draw attention to the shape of the space and will generate a feeling of dynamic movement.

2. For very large pieces of artwork, you may want to keep them all alone, as they are strong enough to make a statement and create a powerful focal point. Having that negative space around them adds to their impact.

3. For smaller pieces remember it is important to arrange them into groupings, By using them as a grouping they will appear larger and more noticeable. Spreading them all over a room only creates a confused or unbalance look. Smaller pieces just do not have enough significance and so appear lost in a space if hung by themselves.

4. To unify a group of pictures, frame them alike with either the same picture frames or with matching color mats. This will magically allow them to work well together.

5. Of another way to create a dramatic focal point is by matting your wall art in a contrasting yet complimentary color to the wall. This method, however, needs to be planned very carefully to ensure that the color of the mat is harmonious and works well with the wall art as well.

6. For greater impact and excitement group wall art in different shapes even if only a few different shapes are added to the mix.

7. For a narrow room,you could consider arranging the wall decor in a horizontal line. You will be surprised how this will visually add to the width of an entire space.

8. For rooms with low ceilings consider arranging wall art in vertical lines, by hanging them one above the other, thus adding to the feeling of height in a room.

9. Another good technique for a small room is hanging a large landscape framed picture or a large mirror, both these options will seemingly open up a space.

10. I know I’ve mentioned this before but well work mentioning again. To add significance to your wall art and to truly enjoy it,  good lighting directed to it is essential.

11. If you have  a large panoramic print consider creating more drama by dividing it into three separate framed pictures arranged one by another with narrow spacing in between.

12. And always remember to keep your room balanced. Overpowering one wall with art, while keeping the other walls empty will throw the entire room out of balance.