Most of the time, I think of artwork as one of the finishing touches to a terrific room. It’s one of the room design factors that can immediately add warm aesthetics to a living space and make it feel like home. Art can expand an area both visually and emotionally, provide us a window to the world, add color, bring about a theme, and produce some welcome splashes of character and accent to a room. And since there is artwork available for every budget, it need not be costly to do the trick.

But there are some living spaces that can be special decorating challenges. Sometimes areas that feel too spacious, rooms that seem small or narrow, or furnishings that just have no personality. Does this sound familiar? This is where creative art placement can be a “fix” if you will, and help diminish challenges and offer lovely solutions.

Though there are endless “tricks-of-the-trade” to hanging artwork, here are some recommended ways to solve these common decorating problems with artwork!

  •  One way to beef up a small space is to hang a large landscape print with a distant horizon. These styles of landscapes will instantly create the appearance of additional space.
  • To widen a narrow room, consider painting one wall a darker, richer color. Hang an exciting print on that wall, and then hang a framed mirror on the opposing wall. The reflected art will then make the room appear broader.
  •  For a space with lower ceilings consider applying a darker floor covering. Then select a light color to use on both the ceiling and walls to draw the eye upward. By hanging prints with strong vertical lines the ceilings will immediately feel taller. Also, using a portrait format (taller than wider) will add to the feeling of height.
  •  If you have a room that is small, dark, and confined, you can introduce a breath of fresh air by adding some attractive landscape art to bring the outdoors in and then brighten the space with bursts of color.
  •  Hang art with strong horizontal lines to create the appearance of greater length in your room. For best results consider using the landscape type format and prints with light expansive colors. A number of prints hung side by side in a row will add to this effect. Also, panoramic vistas perform very well for solving this problem.
  • Consider using art to open up a space in rooms with limited or no windows. Landscapes, windows and doorways will guide the eye outward to create the appearance of added space and light.