Welcome to our January Newsletter

Sweet life! how lovely to be here And feel the soft sea-laden breeze Strike my flushed face, the spruce’s fair Free limbs to see, the lesser trees”………Bare hands to touch, the sparrow’s cheep To heed, and watch his nimble flight Above the short brown grass asleep, Love glorious in his friendly might,……..Music that every heart could bless, And thoughts of life serene, divine, Beyond my power to express, Crowd round this lifted heart of mine!
Excerpts from ” Winter in the Country” by Claude McKay

The poem above sounds more like fall (even though it’s called Winter in the Country) which is the kind of winter we’ve had and awesome as far as I’m concerned! Sorry all you snow lovers, but we do have plenty of winter left.

So where do you start when wanting to design a room? That’s always a good question. Scroll down to read about starting with what really matters!


Before - Family Room







After/ Family Room

“Thanks for all the work you did putting my family room together. The end result is awesome.  I like it “very” much. You’re right, accessorizing is the key to it all.”  Kathy M./ Receptionist

Please call if you have any questions. We love helping you add your pizzazz to your home!


The beautiful art piece below is by Grace Feyock.
Rustic brown tree design with gold highlights and a lightly antiqued silver leaf background.
Sizes:Center-30x40x2, Sides(2)-15x40x2