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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

I love the Holidays though this year we’re noticing our losses. I do find that visiting the Como Conservatory is very uplifting as well as inspiring. This year, you’ll find mostly pink and reds in the sunken garden. Sure to cheer any heart, the poinsettia show is a delight. However, if poinsettias aren’t your “thing” consider using roses, paper whites or orchids to add to your festivities or any of your favorites available this time of year.

Sunken Garden

White Orchids

Below are a few pictures of what came out of my visit to the conservatory. I have some great faux orchids and live ones are even better if you have a place for them. I was inspired by the top picture of using a color at the base of the plant. However, I am using the orchids for my plant and adding just red ornaments to the base to decorate in the one pictured next.

Red & Yellow Orchids

To this Lady Slipper orchid below, I added a mix of greens as well as the berries and ornaments to add the decorative color at the base.

Lady Slipper Orchid

Here is a close up of the base of the orchid.

Lady Slipper Orchid Base

Now of course, yours can be totally different. You could do completely different colors depending upon what your color scheme is and using white flowers will go with anything or even a green plant as pictured in the Conservatory. You could even have a colored plate with a small plant setting on it and few ornaments in your decorative colors as I did in the picture below for a client. The plates are actually a light blue which is a bit difficult to see in this picture.

Blue Christmas

The options are really endless.  You can also use a clear glass bowl and add lights with ornaments or just your favorite ornaments. This also makes for a great centerpiece and will decorate any dining room table.  The bowl pictured below is sitting on an etagere and can easily be moved to a table, counter or wherever for use.

Ornaments in Glass Bowl

I hope this has inspired you…or consider as you are out shopping or visiting interesting places what inspires you and bring it home with you. If you decide you need some help, we love to add accessories to your home even for Special Occasions or Holiday Decorating.

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