Moving towards the more traditional pairing of blue and white is the welcoming shade of coastal blue.  Pairing coastal blue with an off white, again, softens and warms up what is usually a crisper look.  These colors immediately bring to mind visions of beaches and the ocean.  It is cool and relaxing, and perfect for slipping into after a sunburned day at the shore.

This beachy feeling is showing up in other colors as well, like cool green glass, teals, pale wisteria and pale plum, and warmed up versions of yellow, honeydew, pink and tangerines. We’re also seeing a lot of neutrals  used for foundations of rooms such as whites, ivories, flax,natural linen, carmels, taupes, chocolate browns along with the blues as a neutral. These great classics become wonderful backdrops for shots of your favorite accent colors.

If you are a stickler for crisp blue with the sharpest of whites, it is easy to bring that traditional combination right into the 21st century. Today’s combination has been featured with salmon to cherry reds and even hot pink – together.  Again, warm chocolate tones will be used along with black to keep the pairing current and grounded.
So take this indoor time to consider the color – or non-color – in your own home.

Look out your window at the gray, bleak outdoors, and just imagine what a punch of color inside your home will do for you – and get started!

Q. How about a few fresh interior design tips for this spring in my living room.

A. Let’s see, if you have a traditional living space, think about adding one modern design element to it, such as a fresh fabric on a pillow or a modern end table or even a more modern piece of art. Another idea to freshen your interiors would be to change your lamp shades to an updated to modern look, it will instantly liven  your rooms.