I am so glad this last snow storm missed us however with all the snow left, there is nothing like a shot of color to help move us into spring.  If we can’t force our tulips and daffodils to blossom immediately and give us the riot of color we long for, we can at least inject some color into the interiors of our homes.  And as expected, color trends are shifting, and now is a perfect time to start exploring.

Deep, warm colors such as red, gold and burgundy have been moving over for cooler colors such as blue, wisteria, and glass green.  You have surely already been seeing this in your clothing stores, so the interior of your home is never far behind.  So where to start?  Start with a classic.

As one of the all time classic color combinations, blue and white just can’t go wrong.  It has stood the test of time, including such mainstays as Williamsburg Blue – to the overdone and seen everywhere in the eighties – Country Blue.  Though the saturation of country blue in the eighties created a backlash against blue, blue has been quietly creeping back into the interior limelight over the past couple of years, and you will be seeing even more of it in the next few years to come.

There will be no country blue here – rather you will continue to see lots of blues with smoke and gray undertones, paired with a myriad of accent colors. Silver, gray, taupe, caramel and chocolate brown are the warm tones that you will see mixed with today’s blues, warming up what is traditionally considered a very cool color.  A complete palette of warm accents beginning with cream and ending in chocolate brown can beautifully offset a warm pale blue.

Coming Part II