Q. I would like to hang a different chandelier over my dining table. Could you tell me again what size to get and also how high to hang it?

A. Yes, that is a good question to ask before purchasing.

There are a few rules for purchasing the correct size, but they can also vary some when you consider the style and visual heaviness of a piece.

A universal formula says a chandelier should be half the width of a table. So if your table is 48″ wide, a 24″ diameter would be just right. If the chandelier is visually lighter in scale, be sure it is no more than 12″ smaller than your table. For a 48″ wide table that would be a 36″ wide chandelier.

The height of the chandelier itself is determined by the height of the ceiling. Most designers use the rule of thumb of 2.5 to 3″ per foot of height. In other words if the ceiling is 8′ high, the chandelier should be approximately 20″ to 24″ in height.

The chandelier should be centered over the table and the bottom of the chandelier should be at about 30″ to 36″above the table. This information is for hanging only one above a table, when hanging 2, the rules change.