I love freshening up for spring and summer. I decided to swap out a few lamps here and there in my home and added some burlap to a few shades for some fun texture. I purchased new white drum shades but found them too white for the surrounding decor and the burlap did the trick. I then made a runner for my table out of the burlap too and find the texture fun and interesting.


For this one I used bleached burlap and measured the lamp shade circumference and height…adding on about an inch to each.¬† Once cut, I ironed the burlap cover and cut off any loose strings…then used straight pins to hold the shade cover on extending a half inch on top and bottom and put the seam in back (folding under and pressing first before glueing) and placing it on top of the same seem as the shade. I just folded down the top to the inside and hot glued the burlap to the shade. You could repeat this on the bottom, however, I used the selvage edge on the bottom and just allowed it to extend one half inch below the shade (or you could have it end at the bottom of the shade).



For this one I used a natural color burlap and cut it to fit at the top and covered  the rough edge with a ribbon hot glued on top. I allowed it to extend about 3/4 inch below and pulled the strings of the burlap for a fringe effect.






Here is the table runner. Just cut the width and length you desire and fringe the edge if you like. Once cut, you may have to cut any loose strings from the width.


Burlap is very inexpensive and they have many different colors…so choose your favorites and have fun!