2009 Cold Wintry Wonders

Ok, old man winter has taken us for a good ride already.  I’ve made it to the New Year with dreams of being a snowbird (not the kind up top). Maybe you are lucky enough to be one.  However, my best bet is to be content looking out my window at the beautiful cardinals on my trellis or visiting the Conservatory or Zoos, where it’s always tropical.  Some cleaning out and starting a design plan for a room that has sat far too long in the past will also be a highlight for these winter weeks ahead.  How about you?


Design Tips: Consider freshening up Your Home Office

1.      Yes, fresh paint is possible this time of year.  B. Moore and many others now offer low or no VOC’s, so you can breathe easy and take care of the environment all at once.

2.     Instead of your desk facing a wall, consider facing it out, it’s much more inspiring.

3.     Make sure you have good lighting. Natural light if possible, general and task lighting will help you get the job done right.