Today is a bit snowy and overcast, but hey, who says it’s not spring.  I purchased 5 colorful primroses, and a begonia.  The begonia went in the center of a large bowl. Around the bowl I set in some pearl grass by Sullivans (it actually looks real!) The primroses are set on their side around the base with their leaves spilling over the side of the bowl.  This can be done with say tulips in the middle or whatever is your pleasure. Check out pictures below.


Design Tips: Simple Floral Arranging

1.      Group like flowers together in different segments of your arrangement or even separate vases.

2.      Consider mixing real and silks, this is a great way to add filler to a vase or bowl and fool the eye. I always keep quality fillers on hand such as grass and moss.

If you love the color of arrangements, or plants, but not the care, invest in high quality silks.


Question:  I am looking for an English Cottage look.  Is that something you are able to do?

Answer:  Yes, your home is all about you.  There are basics of design that work for all styles and then there are certain aspects that are needed to reach each style.  We guide you in the choices that will bring you into those specific design goals that reflect your desires and taste, a room that you “love to live in”.